Wednesday, November 30, 2005


I bought an HP printer/scanner/other stuff awhile back and installed the software on my workstation. However, since I moved the workstation to my new office space (yay!), and the printer is still here at home, I needed to install everything on my PowerBook. The fucking installer requires me to shutdown all running programs, then proceeds to handle that task for me.

So first question, as the title indicates, is WTF? What could it possibly be installing that won't let any other programs run? For that matter, if no programs are running, I wouldn't be seeing much (since the Finder, Desktop, doc, etc. are all programs running in the OS). Liars. My guess is just sloppy programming and they applied a band aid to fix it.

I showed it - I'm running Firefox while it installs (and writing this entry, too).


Ok, it's finished installing, and didn't even need a reboot. So again, WTF?

Now it's doing the opposite - opening a browser window so I can register, starting up the scanning software, etc.

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