Friday, June 10, 2005

Kissing, Walking and Computers. In that order.

E, who is eleven months old yesterday, has a new trick. If you ask her for a kiss, she will put her lips up against yours. Very cute. My hope, though, is that this particular trick goes away well before adolescence.

She's also walking. Well, practically running. J didn't really get moving until about 13 months. E has been walking since a little over 10. She's pretty in to it as well. Just walks around in circles, or back and forth over the small step up into our bathroom.

Since this isn't a blog about babies, I will also add that I downloaded the new White Stripes album via iTunes and its great. I will report in more detail after listening a few more times.

One more thing. I'm posting this using M's computer, which is a Gateway laptop. I've been using Safari on my Mac previously. I just noticed that the window is a WYWIWYG editor, instead of a standard textarea. I'll have to try this in Firefox on my machine next time. If this is a good editor, I might need to try it out in Class Drive.


Kevin said...

Wow, you totally geeked out on us at the end there.

lbc said...

was that geeky or nerdy?