Thursday, June 30, 2005

Vacation Time

We packed up and headed to the South Jersey shore for a short vacation at the beginning of June. I didn't have any internet access while there and lost momentum on the blog, so I will try again now. I actually paid $17 for internet access while in Cape May (at a coffee shop). There was an emergency with one of my projects. $17 for wireless internet access. Vacation towns will sell anything and everything. When I was in Athens, GA, I could just open my laptop anywhere downtown and get a free signal. Nice.

So, Cape May was fun. Standard sort of family beach vacation in the East. We rented a house with some friends from college. Spent several days on the beach, including one where the sunscreen washed off my feet and lower legs. Not re-applying turned out to be a painful mistake, but I lived. We also went to a Zoo, and most importantly, a Water Park. J had a blast there, as did E, who insisted on walking around in the kiddy area without anyone holder her hand. She was surprised when she fell over and got a mouth full of water. Stubborn kid, wonder where that comes from? Nobody caught ebola or spinal menigitis either, so we have that going for us.

Funny Cape May side note. Upon returning home, I was watching the backlog of Daily Show episodes on our Tivo. While we were gone, they had a feature with Ed Helms in Cape May, talking about the lifting of a 30 year ban on Speedo swimsuits (on men). Helms is walking around Cape May and the beach asking people about skimpy swimsuits, while wearing nothing but a speedo and his glasses. Hilarious. The episode therefore earned the coveted "Save until I delete" status.

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applehead said...

You forgot the funniest part about that Ed Helms report on Cape May-- his "testicles camera" that provided an interesting perspective to his various activities while walking around town. I was so glad J wasn't watching the episode with us.