Thursday, June 09, 2005

Mowing the Lawn

There is a small field behind our house with 10-15 large embedded rocks that eat lawn mower blades. I hate mowing it. But if I don't keep it under control, I end up with a day like today. Since I'm leaving town for about 10 days the lawn would be totally out of control if I didn't get it all done today (field included). But since I've been avoiding that part of the lawn, it's already out of control. So, as punishment, I had to mow it twice. Once to cut it down to a manageable level. And a second time to make it look sorta nice. It looked pretty mangy after just one mowing. By the time I was done, the blades were about as sharp as a wooden salad spoon.

At least I have a lawn. And woods. But I frequently think a "meadow" would maybe be less maintenance. Or maybe more woods.

I look at the nice, even, manicured grass around town and wonder what else they are neglecting in life to get such nice lawns.

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