Saturday, July 09, 2005

1st Birthday & Sushi

Today is E's first birthday, which seems totally amazing. I can't believe it's only been a year, and at the same time can't remember what it was like before she was with us. It gets even weirder when I think about J being 5½. In some ways, he is such a grown up.

So, M's parents came up for the weekend. We asked E where she wanted to go for dinner, but she just looked at us funny and said "bahh". Since Mommy and Daddy wanted sushi, it was off to Jae's Inn. J was feeling adventurous and ordered Kappa Maki, which is cucumber sushi. He ate all six pieces, plus a piece of M's and bit of his grandmother's.

That was the funny part. She (J's grandmother) ordered a lobster roll as an appetizer (she's never had sushi). I've never seen anyone eat sushi with a fork. Plus, the pieces were "too big", so she picked them apart as she ate them. Very funny. Kudos for trying something new, though.

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