Friday, July 15, 2005

Loose Ends

Adam Stern got his deput Major League hit tonight. The umpire called time and Derek Jeter made sure the ball made it back over to the Red Sox dugout. Nice gesture.

Also, after J and I went to see the Sox a few weeks ago, he told pretty much everyone he saw about it. Which is really nice. I'm glad it made such an impression on him. Those are the moments you remember. We took him to his regular barber, who also sells collectibles (mostly coins). The Barber got a full account of the game from J during the hair cut, so he got out a North Adams Steeple Cats home run ball and gave it to J. The Steeple Cats are the local summer college league team. A steeple cat is a cat that lives in a church steeple, if you were wondering.

Sox win, 17-1. I promise this isn't a Red Sox blog. Really. During the winter, it will be a Carolina Basketball blog.

Ok, BSG time. Later...

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