Friday, July 15, 2005

BSG, Star Wars, TdF and Geekdom.

I'm a strange brand of geek. A programmer, a cyclist, a sci-fi fan, a sports nut. Such is my, um, curse. I've also been told I have communication and social skills. Odd combo.

So today, I drove to Boston for a meeting and came away with a nice contract for some interesting web based educational tools.

Quiet day at the Tour de France. Chris Horner did well, though. Couldn't quite close the deal, but he ended up 10th on the day. Not bad for former bike shop employee California surfer dude cyclist. Nice guy, too. I met him once (at the Athens Twilight, a few years ago. He won).

Red Sox are up 12-1 over the Yankees at the mid-way point.

On the way home from the meeting in Boston, I stopped at a toy store and bought a Jedi Starfighter for J. Actually, I bought two. Obi-Wan's and Anakin's (pictured to the left, from This little spaceship may be the best Star Wars vehicle since the Millenium Falcon and Slave I. Part Tie Fighter, part X-wing. It's a perfect vehicle to bridge between the prequels and original trilogy designs. So I bought both, and J can pick one. Then we can save the galaxy far far away together. I will post pictures when M returns with the digital camera.

Still 12-1. Yanks on their third pitcher.

Season 2 of Battlestar Galactica starts tonight at 10:00. This is highly recommended. Excellent writing, special effects. etc. I saw an episode of the original recently, which was laughable. But the new one is great. It's a "reimagining" of the series by Ronald Moore, whose credits include Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. DSP was the "dark" Trek series. Which means it was good. This version of BSG is dark as well. Get the mini series and watch it (available on DVD, so get it from Netflix). I'm not sure if season 1 is out on DVD yet, but Sci-Fi just did a marathon. Set your Tivos (what? No Tivo? Come on, get with it).

A-Rod just struck out. 2 outs, 2 on, top of the 6th. David Wells is still in the game. Matsui thrown out at first to end the inning. Green monster is fucking with Matsui now. Good times.

Curt Schilling came out of the bullpen last night at the top of the 9th to thunderous applause at Fenway. He walked to the mound with cameras flashing like he was the World Series hero or something (oh, wait...). He took a moment, a rather long one, to hold a cross around his neck and pray. Then he promptly gave up a hit and a two run homer. Yanks win 8-6. Apparently, God was contemplating Sean May and Raymond Felton as teammates on the Charlotte Bobcats (or something equally important).

Sox have the bases loaded. Millar scores, Sox 13-1. Looks like Yanks are getting the janitor out there to throw a couple of pitches.

I also stopped by J's room to get a couple of pilots for the Jedi Starfighters. I found Anakin from Episode I, which violates my sense of continuity. And Threepio, which would just be wrong.

Whoa! WTF? I just stepped away to get my pizza out of the oven and the score is 17-1.

Ok, dinner is ready. Beer is cold. BSG starts in 30 minutes. And I think the Sox have this under control.

This entry ended up following the the Sports Guy's "running diary" style. Not my plan, but whatever. SG is largely responsible for my interest in the Red Sox, so I should have acknowledged that in my long entry about baseball. Sorry SG. Go read his columns. Good stuff.

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